About Paul

Hello. Why are you looking at the about me page? 

I’m not that interesting.

Go back and look at the pictures.

No, still here? Then I may as well go and tell you a little bit about myself. 

I was born in Tranmere in 1970 – yes, I have to scroll down quite a lot to find my birthdate on forms these days. I grew up wanting to be a footballer. I never paid much attention in school. I dreamed of winning the FA Cup.

That, however, was not a good idea (kids, pay attention!) as I got seriously injured whilst playing and after three years of operations missed my window. 

That was when I picked up a camera. It was a Fuji Finepix, a lovely little thing, and it taught me a lot. At the same time I studied graphic design and – if I may say so myself – got pretty good, winning graphic designer of the year on Merseyside. 

The awards ceremony didn’t go quite to plan. I stood as my name was called out and made my way to collect the prize from the MP presenting. I remained standing in front of him, even as he was talking about my images, peering around the side of me, doing his best to carry on, as I blocked out his view to the audience. 

It was at this point I realised people were not talking about my graphic design – they were talking about how good my photographs were in the designs. 

I sold my first print in the quaint gallery inside the Bluecoat Chambers in Liverpool, which I could not believe. With the profit I bought myself a better camera and a lot of photography books. 

That transpired into what you see before you today. I really hope you like it.

On the way I married my childhood sweetheart and had three awesome children, but if I start talking about them I will be here all day. 

I really hope you enjoy my website. Come back often as there will be new images uploaded regularly. 

I can’t believe you stayed with me to read all this, so thank you very much.


About Paul